The Top Ten Top Ten Sex Toys for Men In 2016

If you are a man, you’ve probably come across a wide range of sex toys that are exclusively designed for women. This has probably made you wonder why very few industry players are concerned about the welfare of men. Just like women, men are also at liberty to have and enjoy sexual pleasure, aren’t they?

If you’ve been using your hands to masturbate since the age of 17, then sooner or later, you’ll get bored with the routine. There are sex toys that can enable you enjoy sex for longer durations, and also enable you have more powerful orgasms. This article contains valuable information that will help you make the right choices.

Top Sex Toys for Men 2016

These following are exceptional products that will definitely give you value for money:

1. Fleshlight

This is one of the most popular sex toys available in the market. It’s basically a masturbation sleeve that simulates the penetration feeling.

Fleshlight is available in a wide range of varieties to suit the different tastes and preferences of clients.

The sex toy is designed with a special texture to make you feel great. If you are an unlucky guy who can’t maintain an erection for several minutes, this is the perfect solution for you. It’s especially ideal for practicing the start and stop technique.  Recently they have paired up with Europe’s sex toys giant Kiiroo. Their product is now considered probably the best male masturbator  on the market. It includes hands free option and can also be used with virtual glasses.

2. Vice-Silicon Vibrating Prostate-Massager

This is an award winning toy that can provide you with exceptional experiences that you’ve never had before. What’s unbelievable is that it costs less than US $ 140. If you derive great pleasure from prostrate milking, then you should buy it today.

The device runs on AAA batteries that are readily available. It’s built using medical-grade silicon. The user friendly toy will offer you an extremely smooth experience, even if you are a novice.

3. Soloflesh

Soloflesh is an exceptional prosthetic vagina made using high-grade silicon. If you have a large penis, then you don’t need to worry since the flexible toy can comfortably accommodate you without any risk of harm.

It’s available in light as well as ebony skin complexions to satisfy the varying tastes and preferences of clients.

If you purchase Soloflesh today, you won’t believe how user friendly it is, particularly if you are a greenhorn. Just fill the sex toy with water, get inside it while fully erect and start thrusting.

4. Lelo-Billy Luxury-Rechargeable Prostate-Massager

Are you aware that a good prostrate massager can enable you attain the most powerful orgasms on earth? If you don’t like dirtying your fingers, then this is the most suitable toy for you.

The device is specially designed with the following unique features; a beautiful exterior, an impressive 3.5 inch circumference, an ergonomic contour as well as a four-inch insertion length.

When fully charged, the device can provide you with intense pleasure for up to 4 hours.

5. Masque Sexual Flavors

If you are a woman and are reading this article, then you should be aware that Masque Sexual Flavors is the most ideal early Christmas present that you can ever give to your boyfriend or husband.

Using the product will enable you offer your partner extraordinary experiences that he’ll never forget. Unlike other products, they are extremely user friendly. Just before you start giving him a blowjob, insert the strips inside your mouth.

If your partner loves ejaculating inside your mouth, yet you hate the taste of semen, start using this product today. You won’t even feel the undesirable taste of semen, thanks to the product’s sweet flavor.

6. Pipedream Extreme Fuck-Me Silly Two-Mega Realistic-Pussy & Titties

This is a great product that wouldn’t have been created were it not for the creativity and innovation of the manufacturer. It consists of a complete woman’s torso, 36-DD boobs and an enticing vagina that is penetration-ready and tight.

The sex toy is made using fanta-flesh. Just like a real woman, it can provide you with warmth as you keep thrusting inside her. You’ll have the liberty of ejaculating inside the warm vagina or on its attractive boobs. Additionally, you can fuck as hard as you wish, and for any duration of time. Unlike a woman, it won’t ask you to hurry up.

The product comes along with a DVD and lubricants. The DVD contains a comprehensive tutorial on how to go about your business.

7. Piu (by Imtoy)

Many men have been secretly hoping that someone would design sex toys that can enable them masturbate without necessarily using their hands. Imtoy has finally heard their cries, and has responded by creating Piu.

Our forefathers used to masturbate using their hands. You don’t need to use your hands anymore, not when Imtoy has availed Piu in the sex toys market.

Use of the product doesn’t require any special skills or experience. You just need to add some lubricant and insert your fully-erect penis. Intensity of vibrations can be controlled using the arrows.

Since the exterior is water proof, you’re at liberty to use it in the shower.


There are several other sex toys that have been extremely popular in 2016. They include;

8. Autoblow2

9. Spartacus Tweezer-Nipple Clamps & Leather-Collar

10. Adam and Eve Triple-Erection System

You can read about them in more detail at

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